The Great Debate

Who does our girl look like?



Or perhaps, just like herself.

A Day in the Life...

At 8 1/2 months, Hannah :
  • Crawls (she started army crawling at the end of February and started real crawling on Sunday). She gets along pretty fast, but when all else fails, she reverts back to her army crawl.
  • Walks holding someone's hands.  She's good too (which makes me nervous - I'm not ready for a walker). Last night she held on to a little standing play gym and slid it along and walked with it. I see a push walker in our near future.
  • Has 5 teeth.  The fifth cut yesterday.  All the better to eat spinach with...
  •  Is a really happy baby.  She's pretty much smiles most of the time...
  •  Still loves Bella. They play together and sometimes even cuddle...
  •  Really loves to take a bath.  She would spend hours in there if she could. She's discovered the pull cord for the drain stopper. The first time she pulled the drain out, it scared her immediately and she pulled herself up to get out of the tub and cried.  Now, she thinks it's pretty funny...

  • Loves kisses. She loves to give them and get them.  And hers are messy.  I'm just warning you.

San Diego...Again

Hannah and I made a little surprise trip down to San Diego for my Aunt Jackie's 70th birthday.  My other aunts flew in and so did Aunt Jackie's kids, Sonia and David, and his family.  It was a blast.

Hannah and the Birthday Girl

We also celebrated my sister Jenn's and brother-in-law Jeff's birthdays (born March 6th, just like Aunt Jackie -- there must be a funky gravitational pull or something), as well as my other brother-in-law Terry's and nephew Ross's birthdays (both at the end of February). Whew! That's a lot of birthdays.  
We had a great time, but we sure missed daddy.  We were glad to get back home to him.

Mellow Yellow

I was just having some fun taking pictures of our sweet girl the other day in her yellow onsie.  I swear this kid looks good in any color. I can't pull off yellow to save my soul. 
What, momma?

Doesn't it look like  she's doing one of those shots where you hold the camera yourself?

You can see all four teeth in that last one. 

Livi's First Birthday

This weekend, we went to our dear friend Olivia's first birthday party.  The weather was really cooperating, which was great, so the kids got to play outside some and enjoy the sun.  And of course, there was picture taking.
Hannah enjoyed the swing, while a very kind party-goer pushed her gently.  I think a swing set might be in our future. 

Hannah also just enjoyed sitting in the grass and feeling it with her hands and feet.  Isn't she so sweet here? That onsie is from Auntie Anne. She got it for Valentine's Day, but we thing red looks great anytime.

Here's the birthday girl with Hannah.  I couldn't tell you what they were both so interested in. It was probably the dog.  They love TJ and he is so sweet with them.  

Jen (Olivia's mom) and I have prearranged that our daughters would be best friends.  If people can arrange marriages, we can certainly arrange friendships, don't you think?

We had so much fun at the birthday party and can't wait for more warm-weather days so we can play out in the sun with our dear friends.

Cloth Diapers and a Playroom

So, we're going back to trying the cloth diapers again. Now that Hannah is bigger, we think it's much more successful.  Last time, there was just too much bulk there.  And, even now, they're still on the tightest setting.

The bright colors are really cute and it makes me just want to leave her in diapers only all the time (even if it is a bit cold up here for that - we've got heat, right?).

Also, we've set up the loft (formerly Kelly's office) as Hannah's playroom. We got those awesome foam tiles to put over the wood floors and it's pretty great. We're still working on the decor, but Hannah doesn't seem to mind.

So, here she is, in all her diapered glory, sitting in her playroom.  Yea!


And a bonus shot of cuteness...

Happy Valentine's Day

Hannah sends kisses and hugs to you all

 With her doll from Grandma Sheila

In her Valentine's pants from Grandma Anna

 With Bella and the stuffed heart Momma made

Just being sweet